Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding pharmacy is the art and science of preparing custom medications for you. Get the precise combination and balance of medical ingredients your prescription calls for, in the exact the strength and dosage form you need.

Why Compounding?

While the idea of a compounding pharmacy may seem new, or special to some, it’s not. If you go back several decades, compounding was the norm: every pharmacist was trained to create custom, personalized medications and dosages for patients. However, with the advent of large pharmaceutical companies and mass-produced medications, more and more people have gotten used to settling for off-the-shelf products.

While the “one-size-fits-all” approach to medicine does have benefits for certain situations and patients, it’s a far cry from meeting the special prescription needs of many patients.

Unlike mass-produced medicines, compounded medication is made with only you in mind. It’s a custom blend of ingredients and a specific dosage amount just for you. There are many custom medication requests compounding solves every day.

When to use compounding

Our compounding formulas are created by our pharmacist working with you, and your physician. Consider using a compounded medication for:

  • an extremely small dose of a medicine (such as needed for a newborn)
  • patients allergic to an additive or dye in a tablet, (we’ll compound without the colouring or additive)
  • a specialized topical pain gel by that combines several different medications
  • hard to find or discontinued medication
  • something that doesn’t seem to be available at all! Experienced compounding pharmacists can in consultation with your physician solve problems to which there may seem to be no solution.
  • adding or masking flavours to your child’s prescription or non-prescription medication for greater compliance.
Compounding Pharmacy Assistant Sonny

Compounding is our specialty.

No matter what your prescription calls for, we have qualified, expert compounding pharmacists who will prepare it for you. We’re certain we can work with you, and your physician for create the perfect solution for you.

We’re able to offer you choices that are simply not available from the average pharmacy.

Drop-by, or call ahead. Our compounding pharmacy is here to help you and answer any questions you have. Call 604-533-1041, or visit today (see map and address)