Renal Pharmacy

Working Together for Better Kidney Health

Renal Pharmacy Vitamin SupplementsAs a BC Renal Agency Pharmacy, we’re qualified to help those at risk of, and diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

Our compounding pharmacy is able to dispense medications listed on the BCPRA formulary to patients to help provide kidney support and general health when treating kidney disease. Whether pre-dialysis, or on dialysis, we understand the changing needs of your medication.

We Offer:

  • a clear understanding of the expectations of both patients and BCPRA
  • an approach to patient care consistent with BC Provincial Renal Agency kidney care
  • specialty care required by nephrology patients
  • all type of feeds required (delivered to your home if necessary)

BC Renal Agency Approved Renal Pharmacy

BC Renal Agency Approved Renal Pharmacy

Kidney disease is one of the fastest growing health concerns in BC, in part due to our aging population. An estimated 145,000 British Columbians have some degree of kidney disease. The BC Provincial Renal Agency (BCPRA) partners with a number of community pharmacies to provide medications for patients registered with BCPRA.

Kidney Disease Treatment Resources

The BC Renal Agency website provides an online library of resources to support patients with kidney disease, their families, and caregivers:

Note: these links will take you away from our website and directly to the BC Renal Agency website.